Business Litigation Partnership and Shareholder Disputes

Many businesses are owned by more than one person. Even privately owned businesses can be owned or managed by dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of people. Naturally, disagreements arise in connection with the operation of a business; however, allegations of oppressive or unlawful conduct can lead to bitter litigation between owners, partners, or shareholders—putting the future, expansion, control, or even dissolution of a business into question.

These disputes arise in corporations, limited liability companies, and partnerships of all kinds. Typically, partners and shareholders owe certain fiduciary duties to the business itself—and in some circumstances, to each other. These cases vary based not only on the type of entity involved, but the terms and conditions contained in organizational documents, such as an entity’s Company Agreement or Articles of Incorporation.  Disputes can involve claims of misappropriation of trade secrets, profit distributions, business mismanagement, self-dealing, fraud, breaches of contract, or shareholder oppression.

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