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Motor Vehicle Accidents and Car Accidents

After an accident, you may face increasing medical bills as well as an uncertain recovery for injuries you are aware of now or that may develop from the accident in the future. Our lawyers will work hard to get you the compensation you need to restore your life. It is true that insurance companies – including your own – are not always thinking of your best interests.

Common types of motor vehicle accidents:

Car accidents and associated injuries range from minor to catastrophic.  According to the New Mexico Traffic Fatality Report, the year 2019 saw 408 crash-related fatalities.  Unfortunately, that number increases each year.  Slate Stern Law understands how devastating it can be for a victim of a car accident.  We also know that insurance companies will often try to minimize your physical and emotional suffering. If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation that includes your medical bills as well as lost wages if you are unable to work. 

Common types of motor vehicle accidents include:

  • Rear-End Collision
  • Collision at Intersection
  • Low-Speed Collision
  • Vehicle Rollover
  • Single Car Accident
  • Side Impact Collision
  • Head-On Collision

Common types of injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents:

  • Concussion
  • Broken Bones
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Back Injury
  • Internal Bleeding

New Mexico Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers Representing Plaintiffs in Santa Fe

Motor vehicle accidents can happen almost anywhere, and they often occur without any warning to the motorists involved in the collision. From parking lots and low-speed collisions to highway accidents that happen at high speeds, it is important to know that you may be able to work with a New Mexico motor vehicle accident lawyer to seek financial compensation for your losses if another party was at fault for the crash. The dedicated motor vehicle crash attorneys at Slate Stern Law are here to assist you.

Getting the Facts About New Mexico Motor Vehicle Accidents

How often do motor vehicle accidents happen in New Mexico, and what are the most common causes of crashes? The New Mexico Department of Transportation provides the following facts and figures from its 2019 annual accident report:
  • Every 11 minutes a motor vehicle collision occurred in New Mexico in 2019;
  • Approximately 30% of motor vehicle accidents resulted in a personal injury, meaning that a person sustained an injury in a collision every 26 minutes;
  • About 17% of all reported crashes were classified as hit-and-run accidents;
  • Nearly 60% of crashes involving pedestrians who were killed involved a pedestrian who was intoxicated;
  • More than 40% of all deadly accidents, and about 5% of all collisions overall, were alcohol-involved collisions;
  • Every 57 minutes, a motor vehicle collision caused by distracted driving occurred in New Mexico, an alcohol-involved accident occurred every four hours, and a deadly collision occurred every 22 hours;
  • Alcohol or drug use was the top contributing factor in fatal motor vehicle collisions;
  • In terms of contributing factors in collisions, about 19% of all recorded New Mexico motor vehicle crashes were caused by driver inattention, 14% resulted from a driver failing to yield the right of way, approximately 11% resulted from a driver following too closely, and 7% were caused by excessive speed; and
  • Fewer than 1% of all recorded motor vehicle collisions in the state resulted in a death.

Filing a Claim After a Motor Vehicle Crash: Auto Insurance Claims Versus Car Accident Lawsuits

If you are involved in a motor vehicle collision or car accident, you might be trying to determine whether you should begin the process of seeking financial compensation by filing an auto insurance claim or a car accident lawsuit against the at-fault party. Since New Mexico is an at-fault or “tort” state for purposes of auto insurance and car accident cases, a person who is injured in a motor vehicle collision caused by another motorist typically will start the claims process by filing an auto insurance claim and choosing from one of two options — filing a first-party claim through his or her own auto insurance policy or filing a third-party claim through the at-fault driver’s auto insurance policy. First-party claims require the filer to pay the deductible up front, but the process may go more quickly and the issue of insurance limits might not prevent the insured party from obtaining full compensation. Third-party claims do not require the injured driver to pay any deductible up front, but the process can be lengthier in some cases, and the problem of insurance limits can prevent a significant payout. In many cases, an auto insurance claim will not result in a settlement offer that provides the injury victim with full compensation for his or her losses. In such situations, the injury victim can work with a Santa Fe motor vehicle accident lawyer to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver to seek compensatory damages for losses.

Timeline for Your Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit in New Mexico

Under New Mexico law, most motor vehicle accident lawsuits must be brought within three years from the date of the collision. However, there are exceptions to the rule, and it is essential to seek advice from a car accident lawyer in Santa Fe as soon as possible to maintain your eligibility to seek financial compensation.

Contact Our Motor Vehicle Accident Lawyers in Santa Fe

If you or someone you love sustained serious injuries in a motor vehicle collision caused by another driver, it is critical to begin working with a New Mexico car accident attorney to seek financial compensation for your losses. At Slate Stern Law, our lawyers can assess your case and can discuss the options available to you for seeking compensation. From negotiating for a reasonable settlement from an auto insurer to presenting a case before a court, our firm is prepared to provide you with dedicated and aggressive representation. Contact Slate Stern Law to learn more about how we can assist with your motor vehicle accident claim.

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