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Thanks for making this possible! Without your steady and patient hand and guidance, this would not have happened!!! I’m immensely thankful to have found you. Yes, it sometimes takes a village, but it also takes wisdom and intelligence and the vision and savvy to recognize all the parts and knowing how and when to invoke them. Besides that, you have a wonderful sense of humor and you’re fun to be around. Again, mil gracias.

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Through no fault of our own my husband and I found ourselves in a complex legal situation. We had trouble finding a lawyer willing to help, and had we lost the case it would have been financially devastating to us. Slate genuinely wanted to help, not only was he effective and efficient in resolving my case, his calm and empathetic demeanor was emotionally reassuring throughout the ordeal!! We whole heartedly recommend him.

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Slate is one of the finest trial lawyers I have known. In consultation he is calm, deeply knowledgeable and very insightful. His written material is persuasive, thorough and conversational. In court he is at his best: a remarkable orator who is as focused on the content of his argument as he is on the subtleties of how he presents it. Most importantly, I know Slate to be a very conscientious and ethical practitioner. I have relied on his talents and advice in the past and will do so in the future.

Client Testimonial

If you have a need for legal assistance, I would highly recommend contacting the Stern Law Firm. That’s what I tell my friends. I can’t recommend Slate Stern and his associates enough. I have been working with Slate since 2006. His expertise, focus and professionalism has been unmatched in my experience and his help has been invaluable.

Asher Singer

Slate’s helped me in an enormously complicated case. His perseverance and dogged determination made what seemed impossible possible. I will be forever grateful.


Slate Stern is an amazing personal injury attorney in Santa Fe, NM. He helped us tremendously during a very difficult time. He is very knowledgeable, and patient I highly recommend Slate to everyone, he and his team are the best in town.

Nina Pilgrim

We are eternally grateful to Slate for the work he did for us. He led the way out of a very dark place for us. It was an arduous journey lasting two years of our life in misery at its worst. It is because of his honest and selfless efforts that we got our lives back. We will forever be indebted to him. 

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Slate’s name was given to me by a mutual friend who described Slate as an intelligent lawyer with an athlete’s competitive spirit. He has climbed Mount Everest and competed in the Ironman. Slate was a wonderful and tenacious representative of calm preparedness during what became a lengthy and complex lawsuit that had life changing consequences for me. I so appreciated his knowledge, his calming presence, and his polite and respectful attitude in the courtroom, and outside of it. He helped me to stay focused on the larger picture, and he worked on my case in a caring and timely manner.


Slate Stern helped me navigate a tricky real estate dispute with the title company . Slate was a great advocate for me – thought “outside the box” – and was able to resolve the matter timely and to my satisfaction. If I’m ever in need of an attorney in the future, I will definitely call Slate. 


I have known Slate Stern for at least 10 years and have worked with him on the same matters so have personal experience on which to base my high recommendation of him for litigation. 

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Mr. Slate Stern is an attorney who will take the time to listen and take action. My case was resolved in an efficient and timely manner. 

Client Testimonial

A brilliant lawyer! Excellent rating for business and personal injury litigation. 

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