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Slate Stern Law is a Personal Injury and Business Litigation law firm in Santa Fe, NM that is dedicated to tirelessly protecting the rights of its clients through unparalleled service, years of diverse legal experience and dogged pursuit of justice.

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At Slate Stern Law we are guided by a singular belief: That access to competent legal representation is a fundamental right. When the unthinkable happens, we’re the firm people call. Slate Stern Law has become a renowned firm in northern New Mexico for doing the most important thing a lawyer can do: make sure our clients get what they need after a serious accident or injury or business dispute. We work tirelessly to obtain the maximum possible recoveries for our clients while minimizing stress.
“Slate is one of the finest trial lawyers I have known. In consultation he is calm, deeply knowledgeable and very insightful. His written material is persuasive, thorough and conversational. In court he is at his best: a remarkable orator who is as focused on the content of his argument as he is on the subtleties of how he presents it. Most importantly, I know Slate to be a very conscientious and ethical practitioner. I have relied on his talents and advice in the past and will do so in the future.” Client Testimonial

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Personal Injury

A serious personal injury can have a devastating effect on you and your family. Without an experienced attorney to protect your rights, you may not be able to receive the compensation you deserve for damages you have incurred such as medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.


Business Litigation

If you are faced with a business dispute, Slate Stern Law will provide you the diligent and aggressive representation you deserve. Contact Slate Stern Law to discuss how we can obtain a successful resolution to your business dispute.

Property Rights Law

Real estate transactions in New Mexico are often intricate. Due to the unique history of the State of New Mexico, residential, agricultural and commercial property owners often find themselves in disputes over boundaries and water rights. Slate Stern Law has extensive experience representing property owners in northern New Mexico.

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Slate Stern

Slate Stern
Attorney at Law

Slate is a skilled advocate and orator with almost three decades of experience in a breadth of legal disciplines and business ventures. He has a unique combination of training and experience in personal injury cases, business litigation, and legal transactions in both federal and state courts. He is recognized for his honor, integrity, and loyalty and is an articulate, persuasive, and seasoned negotiator.

“My passion is to help you.”

Slate Stern

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Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

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Breach of Contract:  What Should I Do?

Breach of Contract: What Should I Do?

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Preventing Medication Mistakes With an App

Preventing Medication Mistakes With an App

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