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Real estate transactions in New Mexico are often intricate. Due to the unique history of the State of New Mexico, residential, agricultural and commercial property owners often find themselves in disputes over boundaries and water rights. Slate Stern Law has extensive experience representing property owners in northern New Mexico.

Before entering into any agreement to either purchase or sell property, contact Slate Stern Law to review the proposed contracts to protect your interests.  

Slate Stern Law will help you navigate the following property rights concerns:

Real Estate Transactions

Slate Stern, P.C. welcomes commercial and residential clients who are interested in benefiting from Slate Stern, P.C.’s expertise with leases, sales contracts, construction contracts, easements, land development and zoning.

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Boundary Disputes

There are multiple legal theories which can be claimed in a boundary dispute. Slate Stern, P.C. is experienced with claims involving adverse possession, prescriptive easement, acquiescence, and trespassing.

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Water Rights

New Mexico considers water as its most precious and scarce resource. There are water rights in New Mexico dating back to the 1800’s. When buying land in New Mexico, it is critical to determine if the land you are buying has existing water rights included in the sale. Be aware that water rights can be sold with the property or separately. To break it down even further, water rights can be divided into surface water and/or groundwater.

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Real Estate Litigation

Slate Stern, P.C. has handled multiple real estate concerns including commercial lease disputes, lease renewals issues, restrictive covenants, easements, purchase agreement disputes, and title disputes.

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Additional Property Rights Law Information

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