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Star Wars Technology in the Courtroom

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a moving picture is worth a million words. Courtroom animations are revolutionizing the way modern trial lawyers present cases. With compelling, cutting-edge presentations, Slate Stern Law has tapped into a visual formula which has aided its clients in obtaining multi-million-dollar settlements. 


Because animation can highlight critical aspects of a case to help a jury understand key issues and remember facts, animation has become an important weapon in the trial lawyer’s arsenal. In many types of cases, such as automobile accidents, medical malpractice cases and construction defect cases, the issues in dispute involve concepts of motion.  Animation can show a jury how an accident happened, how a mechanical device functioned or failed to function, how a landslide occurred, or why a plane crashed.

Animation has become the ultimate trial tool for automobile accident cases. Instead of telling jurors what happened, attorneys and their experts can show jurors exactly why and how the accident happened.

Slate Stern Law offers full 3D and 2D forensic animations, illustrations, and graphics. Along with our Day-in-the-Life documentaries, we use experts that provide state-of-the art photogrammetry technology.   Utilizing impressive animations and illustrations is no longer just for the modern litigator but is a requirement for effective advocacy in today’s tech savvy world.