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Business Disputes That Can Lead to Litigation

Business Disputes

Every business in the Santa Fe area will face legal issues and business disputes. Depending upon the type and nature of the dispute, it ultimately may result in one party filing a claim. If you understand some of the common types of business disagreements that often result in litigation, you may be able to work with an experienced New Mexico business lawyer to prevent such disputes in the first place. Methods for avoiding a business dispute will depend upon the particular circumstances of your business. What types of business disputes tend to happen most often? We have a list here to provide you with more information.

Employment Disputes – Business Disputes

Disputes concerning employment often arise in business settings. For example, an employee might allege a wage and hour violation, or make an employment discrimination claim. These kinds of disputes can arise under state or federal law. In general, businesses can avoid these disputes from escalating by having clear policies and procedures in place, detailed recordkeeping practices, and quick responses when an employee makes a complaint.

Partnership Disputes – Business Disputes

Partnership disputes are incredibly common reasons for business litigation. Partnership disputes can result from a wide variety of legal issues, from the methods of running the business to issues concerning compensation or non-performance. Written partnership agreements can help to prevent litigation, but when a serious partnership dispute arises, it is critical to have a lawyer on your side. Sometimes partnership disputes can be resolved, but depending upon the nature of the business and the dispute, it may be necessary to dissolve the business.

Breach of Contract Claims

There are many different types of breach of contract cases, and they can involve many different parties. In many cases, breach of contract claims arise out of a disagreement between an employee and an employer, and the breach of contract claim involves a clause in an employment contract. For example, an employer may allege that a former employer violated a non-compete agreement or a non-disclosure agreement in the employment contract, or the employee might allege that the employee failed to uphold its agreement concerning a severance agreement or severance package.

Breach of contract claims can also involve existing contracts between businesses. For example, your business may have a contract with a vendor or another type of company, and a dispute can arise when one of the parties does not perform its end of the agreement. When it comes to breach of contract claims, you may be able to prevent these disputes from resulting in litigation by working with an experienced business lawyer who can draft and negotiate contracts.

Contact a Santa Fe Business Litigation Lawyer

If you are facing a business dispute, you should have an experienced Santa Fe business litigation attorney on your side. Our New Mexico business litigation lawyers will work to resolve your case before taking the dispute to court, through negotiation and alternative dispute resolution options. When litigation is necessary, we advocate tirelessly for our business clients in court. Contact Slate Stern Law today to learn more about preventing and resolving business disputes.