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Attorney Slate Stern understands the concerns of business owners. Not only are our services affordable, but we also work on resolving your legal issues as quickly as possible. We are experienced in many aspects of corporate litigation. What follows are just some of the areas in which our skilled lawyers have improved our clients’ businesses.

Breach of Contract/Fiduciary Duty

If you own or are involved in the management of a business, you have likely entered into contracts with various parties including other businesses, landlords, mortgage companies, suppliers, and employees. When contracts are breached, pursuing a lawsuit can help you obtain the compensation you are owed.

Fiduciary duty refers to the duty of care and loyalty that one party (the “fiduciary”) owes to another party (the “beneficiary”). Under this duty, the fiduciary must act in the best interests of the beneficiary. Fiduciary duties commonly arise in contracts, trusts, estates, securities and investments, and shareholder agreements. If a fiduciary does not act in the beneficiary’s best interests, the beneficiary is often able to pursue damages.

Business Torts

Businesses that experience financial loss as the result of another party’s misconduct are often able to pursue business tort claims to recover damages. While losses are sometimes pursued for past harm, damages might also reflect future losses like lost business opportunities. 

Partnership Disputes

No matter how a business is structured, disputes are likely to arise. When multiple partners have an interest in a company, conflict is common. These disputes tend to manifest as contract breaches, in which one partner claims that contractual terms have been violated, the disclosure of confidential information by a business partner, and the failure to disclose business dealings. While it is sometimes possible to resolve partnership disputes before they arise, an expereinced business lawyer can help you pursue matters in court and protect your bottom line.

Restrictive Covenant/Trade Secret Litigation

Trade secrets are a valuable asset to many companies. When this information is stolen, it can threaten a company’s competitive advantage and reduced returns and profitability. Unfortunately, new technology and increased worker mobility have led to increased challenges in protecting confidential business information. If the terms of a trade secret or restrictive covenant have been violated, we can help you ensure your rights are protected.

Real Estate Disputes

While many lawyers specialize in either litigation or real estate claims, attorney Slate Stern has extensive experience in both. Even the best-planned real estate transactions sometimes encounter problems, and litigation is sometimes the only way forward. This is particularly true when a real estate dispute involves corporate entities. Whether your case involves a breach of contract, real estate fraud, or co-owner disputes, we can help.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

Businesses throughout the country face new challenges all the time as a result of their reliance on ever-changing technology. Without adequate cybersecurity planning, your businesses can face substantial legal trouble. If necessary, we can also help you pursue litigation in cybersecurity cases.

Insurance Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes often arise when a business owner seeks benefits that a provider claims they are unable to provide under the existing policy. With a firm grasp on how insurance disputes can impact businesses, attorney Slate Stern can help with insurance disputes involving contract interpretation, questions of law versus questions of fact, and contract definitions.

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