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Workplace Injuries: Three Things to Know

Workplace injuries

Personal injuries occur at work more often than you might think, and employees in New Mexico can sustain serious and debilitating injuries that require substantial medical treatment and that prevent them from returning to work in a meaningful capacity. If you sustain a workplace injury, it is essential to learn more about the process for workplace injury claims and to understand your options for obtaining financial compensation. Anytime you get hurt at work, an experienced New Mexico personal injury attorney at our firm can answer your questions and assist you with the claims process. In the meantime, the following are three things you should know about personal injury law and workplace injuries.

Workplace Injuries are Common in Many Types of Jobs

Workplace injuries occur in many different types of professions and industries. While certain types of jobs can pose more risks than others—such as construction work or manufacturing—it is important to understand that on-the-job accidents can happen almost anywhere. Whether your injury occurs in a job where you regularly take risks such as by working on scaffolding or working with heavy machinery, or you work behind a desk in an office space, you may be eligible to seek compensation if you sustain an injury while you are at work.

You May Need to Seek Compensation by Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

For most workplace injuries, New Mexico workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy. Accordingly, if you want to seek compensation for an on-the-job injury, you will likely need to file a workers’ compensation claim. What this also means is that you will not be able to sue your employer or a co-worker if their negligence resulted in your injury. At the same time, you will not be penalized if your own negligence caused or contributed to the accident. Either way, you can be eligible to receive the full amount of workers’ compensation by filing a claim.

Workplace Accident Lawsuits are Possible in Some Scenarios

Although workers’ compensation is an exclusive remedy for many workplace accidents, there are certainly some on-the-job injuries for which injured workers may be eligible to file lawsuits. For example, any injuries that result from an intentional act may allow the injured worker to file a lawsuit against the at-fault party. In addition, any workplace injuries for which a third party is responsible (such as a motorist or a product designer or manufacturer) may allow the injured worker to file a lawsuit to seek additional compensation.

Contact a Santa Fe Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting hurt on the job can be devastating, and our experienced Santa Fe personal injury lawyers know how important it is to obtain the financial compensation you need and deserve to help with medical bills and to make up for lost wages. Whether you need assistance with a workers’ compensation claim or want to learn more about your eligibility for filing a workplace accident lawsuit, our firm can help. Contact Slate Stern Law to learn more about the services we provide to injured New Mexico workers and their families.