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Road Rage in the Southwest

You are well aware of the negative effects that alcohol, drugs, cell phone distractions, and drowsiness have on your ability to drive safely, but do not forget the dangers of road rage. Angry and confrontational driving behaviors contribute to many accidents, injuries, and deaths per year, from fender benders to devastating collisions and even the occasional murder that takes place outside the vehicle. New Mexico is not a place that one normally associates with road rage. The mountain roads and desert highways of New Mexico inspire feelings of wonder, not anger. Unsurprisingly, then, it has fewer incidents of confrontational driving than most other states, but even one episode of road rage can cause an accident that leads to costly medical bills and property damage. If you have been injured in a car accident where road rage played a role, contact a Santa Fe car accident lawyer.

New Mexico Is a Peaceful Oasis Surrounded by Hotbeds of Road Rage

Forbes Advisor recently published the results of a survey about road rage in the United States. It found that the most severe types of road rage, such as angry drivers intentionally crashing into other cars or getting out of their vehicles and assaulting other drivers, are uncommon, and other aggressive and confrontational driving behaviors are more widespread. The following expressions of driver frustration and aggression, all of which increase the risks of accidents, were among the most common ones reported by survey participants:

  • Intentionally cutting off another driver
  • Intentionally preventing another driver from merging into your lane when the driver who is trying to merge is using a turn signal
  • Following another driver closely
  • Making obscene gestures
  • Yelling at another driver from inside your own moving car
  • Honking your horn out of impatience when the driver in front of you has no way to move out of your way
  • Getting out of the car to verbally confront another driver

The good news is that New Mexico has the tenth lowest prevalence of road rage out of all 50 states. 10% of drivers perceive that road rage is frequent, and fewer than 7% say that another driver has ever gotten out of a car to confront them. Therefore, the biggest road rage threats in New Mexico could come from neighboring states. Three states that share a border with New Mexico are in the top ten states with the most road rage. Arizona has the most confrontational drivers in the country, while Texas is number nine and ostensibly mild-mannered Oklahoma is number five. The main reason for road rage in any state is that the confrontational drivers were angry and stressed even before they got behind the wheel.

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