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Go-Kart Accidents

The risk of suffering serious injuries in a car accident is considerable, but at least today’s cars have enough safety features to prevent some collisions and reduce the severity of injuries in others. The risk of serious injury or death in the event of a collision is even higher for the occupants of motor vehicles with less structure and fewer safety features. In other words, crashing your car is usually less bad than crashing your motorcycle, golf cart, or all-terrain vehicle. Of the many types of motorized vehicles that go fast, go-karts are not the ones that personal injury lawyers expect to get calls about, but that could change soon. There are plans for a popular chain of indoor go-kart tracks to expand into New Mexico in the near future, but even before it arrives, the weather in New Mexico is usually suitable visit to one of our many outdoor go-kart venues. People who get injured in preventable accidents at recreational facilities have the right to seek damages from the operators of those facilities. If you have suffered injuries when a go-kart or other ostensibly amusing vehicle crashed, contact a Santa Fe slip-and-fall and premises liability lawyer.

A Motor Vehicle for Preteens is as Dangerous as it Sounds

Much like golf carts, go-karts are motor vehicles, just like cars, but their maximum speed is not very fast, so it is not legal to drive them in vehicular traffic. In fact, you can only drive them on designated go-kart tracks. They also do not provide much vehicular structure, meaning that they offer minimal protection in the event of a collision. Teens too young to have a driver’s license are the target audience for go-karts, so plenty of go-kart crashes result from mistakes that licensed drivers would never make. One might even argue that go-karts lose their mystique as soon as you enroll in driver’s ed. Some go-karts have gasoline engines, but newer ones are electric; each type of engine offers its own set of risks in the event of an accident.

Go-Kart Accidents and Premises Liability

If you get injured in an accident while riding a go-kart on a go-kart track, premises liability laws will protect your right to seek compensation for your accident-related medical bills and other financial losses arising from the accident. Recreational facilities where customers pay to participate in activities such as go-kart racing have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their customers. Even if, for example, the driver of the go-kart was not tall enough to drive the go-kart or was an adult under the influence of alcohol, it is the responsibility of the employees to ensure that no one should drive a go-kart when it is unsafe for them to do so.

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