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Car Accident

This is an outstanding article about car accidents in the United States: . According to that article “these days, there are roughly 6.3 million police-reported car crashes per year in the United States.4 For 35,000 Americans, these crashes are fatal. Auto accidents constitute the leading cause of death for those from age fifteen to twenty-four, and, for all ages, they rank third in terms of years of life lost, behind only heart disease and cancer.”

“Even those who are comparatively lucky do not walk away unscathed. Car crashes injure roughly 4.6 million Americans
annually. Of those hurt in auto accidents, roughly half seek third party compensation. These compensation attempts are the 800-pound gorilla of the tort liability system, accounting for more than half of all trials, nearly two-thirds of all injury claims, and threequarters of all damage payouts.”

For more about car accidents, read the link to the article above. If you or someone you love suffered an jury in a car accident , it is essential to seek advice from a car accident attorney in Santa Fe as soon as you can. Contact Slate Stern Law to learn more about car accidents and how our firm can assist you with your car accident lawsuit.